Five-Year-Old Girl Strangled By Ropes Of A Swing

Jempol – In a freak mishap, a five-year-old girl who was playing on a small swing at the kitchen of her grandfather’s house in Felda Lui Muda here was found strangled by its ropes yesterday.

Isma Umairah Radzuan was playing alone on the swing when the incident occurred about 3.40pm.

Earlier, her uncle who was watching television in the living room became suspicious when she suddenly became quiet.

Upon checking the kitchen, he found the victim strangled – by the very ropes of the swing she was earlier playing with.

Jempol police chief, Supt Hamzah Alias said the uncle quickly cut the ropes and took his niece to the nearby Lui Muda Health Clinic, only to be told she had died.

He said the body was sent to the Jempol Hospital.

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