The ‘RM50 Million Reason’ For Kajang Move

Petaling Jaya – Prominent blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin has dropped a bombshell in his latest article on the Kajang Move, alleging that it was motivated by unhappiness over Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim’s refusal to “play ball” in a deal that involved bribery.

He alleges the bribe was offered to opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and PKR.

“A certain businessman offered Anwar and the party RM50 million as an inducement for them to influence the Menteri Besar’s decision regarding a certain business deal,” he writes.

“This outraged Khalid, who refused to play ball. Hence they accused Khalid of not being a ‘team player.’”

He says this was the “real reason” for the Kajang Move but did not give any other details about the alleged deal.

As with many of his articles over the years, Raja Petra did not say how he acquired the information he has given in this latest piece.

He contends that the Kajang Move was conceptualised in 2013, “three or four months” after the 13th general election and he dismisses the popular perception that Khalid’s position as the Menteri Besar became untenable in Pakatan Rakyat’s eyes because he had allegedly mishandled issues regarding water concessions, the seizure of the Bibles and the proposal to build the Kidex highway.

He says all the three issues became controversial only after the Kajang Move was launched, that is, with the resignation of the state assemblyman Lee Chin Cheh last January.

Raja Petra has written several articles that are critical of the Kajang Move and has often targeted Anwar for attack.

In this latest article, he blames Anwar for Pakatan Rakyat’s loss of Perak in 2008 and warns that the opposition leader’s alleged machinations may also cause the coalition’s loss of Selangor.

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