Leg Found In Canal At Simpang Ampat

Georgetown – A passerby made a gruesome discovery after spotting a lower part of a human leg at an irrigation canal in Simpang Ampat on the mainland yesterday.

The leg, appearing to be severed from the knee-down, was discovered some 3km away from where remains of a torso and limbs were found last week.

Penang Criminal Investigation Department chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Mazlan Kesah said a passerby alerted police at 5pm yesterday.

He said forensics were called to the scene and also found part of a trousers attached to the foot.

“It is too early to confirm if the find was linked to last week’s find.” he said when contacted.

The leg has been sent to the Seberang Jaya Hospital for analysis.

Mazlan has requested those living near the canal to report to the nearest police station if they have noticed any unusual or suspicious activity of late. – NST

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