Man Slathers Lotion On Leg, Chest And Panties Of Sleeping Female Passenger

DUBAI / NEW YORK — A female passenger on an Emirates flight from Dubai to New York became the victim of sexual assault after she popped an anti-anxiety pill and dozed off to sleep.



Nadeem Mehmood Quraishi was seated next to her and started applying the sleeping woman’s own hand lotion to her body. He would later tell police that he thought she needed it and that she liked it because she didn’t resist.



When the woman woke up, he asked her if she had a good nap. The victim realized that her legs, arms, and chest were covered with lotion and that her bottle of lotion was missing. She ran to the bathroom where she discovered lotion on her panties as well.



Quraishi was arrested when the plane arrived at JFK. He was charged with sexual contact without consent and released on $50,000 bail.-TN

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