Home Intruder Who Disturbed Dad Carving Pumpkins Gets Carved Up

ARLINGTON, TEXAS — A Texas criminal’s crime spree ended with a nasty Halloween surprise Tuesday night after breaking into the home of Arlington man Scott Hackney as he was carving jack-o-lanterns with his daughter.



Suspect Buford Boone’s crazy evening began at a Jet Express gas station on Little Road where suspects said he was jumping on car hoods before taking off in a stolen car.



Reports said he then stole a tankful of gas from a nearby Exxon station.



Before crashing the vehicle, attempting to steal another one and then taking off on foot across Interstate 20 toward Hackney’s house on Fort Hunt Drive.



Hackney, who was out on the back porch carving pumpkins with his 7-year old daughter, was alerted to Boone’s presence by his dogs.



He went inside to find Boone rifling through his wife’s purse, possibly in search of his truck keys, and challenged him.



The scuffle moved to outside the front door, where Hackney stabbed Boone in the back and then held him down until the police arrived.



Boone was arrested and taken to hospital for treatment. He has since been charged with car theft and robbery.-TN

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