Armed Robbers : ‘Mexican Standoff’ In Penampang

Penampang – A shootout between armed robbers and police has led to a Mexican standoff near Servay Hypermaket in Penampang Baru.

It is understood that four masked gunmen are currently holed up in the hypermarket with an unknown number of hostages.

The drama unfolded about 4.10pm when police confronted the gunmen who were believed to have tries to pull off a robbery.

Several gunshots were heard, and the owners of shops nearby immediately closed their premises.

‎The area was immediately cordoned off by police where among others a four wheel drive vehicle was parked and is now the centre of their investigations.

A witness who identified himself as Ah Choong said he heard several shots fired repeatedly prompting most shops to close it sliding doors.

” I was in a coffee shop nearby at the time and we could hear motorcycles, some cars in the area before some police vehicles arrived within 10 minutes.

” When the shop owner tried opening the premises however he was told to keep it shut,” he said.

Photos of a man lying motionless inside a four wheel drive in the area has been circulated on the social media.

Police have yet to issue any statement about what had transpired.

‎Photographers and journalists, who were capturing pictures were also stopped by police personnel from doing so.

Two policemen were seen shouting at the journalists and photographers and asked the media to delete pictures.

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