It’s Greens For Lunch As Tony Battles The Bulge

Kuala Lumpur – Not one to pass the opportunity to poke fun at himself, Group CEO of AirAsia Tony Fernandes, put his pride aside and vowed to get slim after a daunting game of squash that got him exclaiming just how fat he thought he was.


Posting a video of the squash game on Instagram, Tony wrote: “First time for ages. I’m pretty fat. It’s really time to get serious. Was fun. This time it’s got to be serious.”


His many Instagram followers were quick to offer support with many suggesting the different types of sports he could take up. One qprfansince67 in particular said: “use myfitnesspal app to monitor all food intake & exercise. No cheating either!! Also cut out completely any foods with wheat or yeast in them however small the quantity. the results will be fast and the lbs will fall off”.


Meanwhile, determined to follow-up on his pledge to slim down, Tony posted a picture of his lunch that day consisting of just a simple salad accompanied by the message, “Lunch. Determined. Squash was a shock.”

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