Newly Crowned Sultan a Gem To The People of Perak

Kuala Kangsar – The loss of a “gem” has been replaced by an equally precious gem.

That’s how many people in Perak feel about the proclamation yesterday of the new Perak Sultan, Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah, succeeding his father, Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah, who passed away on Wednesday at age 86.

They are confident that the new Perak Sultan will continue with his late father’s outstanding legacy and steer the state to greater heights.

Ipoh resident, Ismail Rosa, 62, said the appointment of Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah was apt as His Highness had always been “close” to the people.

“The rakyat (people) know His Highness, his personality … activities all this while as he is close to the people.

“We have lost a gem but it is replaced by an equally awesome gem. We receive the proclamation of the new Sultan with a big heart,” he told Bernama yesterday.

Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah was appointed and proclaimed as the new Sultan of Perak at a ceremony held at the Balairong Seri (Throne Room), Istana Iskandariah where the body of his late father was lying in state.

Zairulazwana Mali, 30, described Sultan Nazrin Shah as an outstanding replacement.

“Where will the gravy pour if not onto the rice,” she quoted a Malay adage, in likening the new Sultan’s qualities to his late father’s.

“With His Highness’ wisdom and intelligence, he will be able to steer Perak to greater heights as what had been done by Almarhum Sultan Azlan Shah,” she said.

Mohd Zaini Zainal, 38, said Sultan Nazrin Shah has had wide experience as he had been the Regent of Perak on a number of occasions and the people at large were comfortable with him.

“His Highness had also been fast to respond when there were issues involving the ‘rakyat’,” he said.

T. Dakshaiyini, 64, Sultan Azlan Shah’s former chambermaid, also described Sultan Nazrin Shah as the best replacement for his late father.

Admitting to knowing the royal family closely, she said the new Perak Sultan’s personality was almost the same as his late father’s.

“They are a good family, so the people should not worry. Perak and its people will continue to move forward in peace and harmony,” she added.

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