Motorcyclist Loses Foot In Road Accident

Kuching – A civil servant had his right foot severed when a car went over the road divider at Jalan Batu Kawah and crashed into his motorcycle yesterday.

The 57-year-old attached to the Public Works Department at Wisma Saberkas was returning to his house in Bau when the accident occurred around 5.30pm.

His two daughters travelling in a car behind him told reporters that a Proton car heading in the opposite direction had ‘jumped’ over the centre divider before striking their father.

Prior to the accident, their father had stopped at their workplace in Hui Sing Garden after leaving Wisma Saberkas to wait for them to finish work, so all three could make their way home together.

“He was travelling a short distance in front of us. We saw the car go over the divider and strike something,” said a daughter, adding that they arrived at the scene to find their father lying on the road with his right foot missing.

Passing motorists who witnessed the horrific accident phoned for an ambulance to send the victim to Sarawak General Hospital, where surgeons were contemplating whether it was possible to re-attach the severed foot. – The Borneo Post

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