Both Johor Zoo and Perhilitan allow animals to suffer

Despite numerous highly critical reports, not all by us, regarding Johor Zoo, Perhilitan have kept on renewing the zoo’s licence, therefore, permitting the zoo to continue its cruelty to animals and law-breaking.


This act of recklessness by Perhilitan explains why the lion with overgrown claws was left to suffer until spotted by a concerned visitor.


Johor Zoo is literally ‘the pits’. Animals kept in deep, concrete, amphitheatre style enclosures by day and night, brought out only for public display, entertainment and to be tormented.


If animals are in pain or die, who cares in Perhilitan or the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment?


All of which displays a complete disregard for the Wildlife Conservation Act 2010.


Those paid to enforce an otherwise good law, continue to put personal friendships before both law enforcement and cruelty to animals.


If you were to meet the director general of Perhilitan, what would you say to him about all the neglect you see happening in zoos? The buck stops with him, though we are not sure he realises this.


The only option is to close Johor Zoo, now, and never open another one to replace it.


Malaysia already has too many zoos, most of which openly break the law.


We long for the day when new and more professional, more caring, senior management take over Perhilitan. It cannot come too soon for the poor animals in Johor Zoo and other similar places practicing cruelty to animals.

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