Sultan Gives Consent To New Selangor Exco Line-Up

Shah Alam – The Sultan of Selangor has given his consent to the new state executive council line up today.

Menteri Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali when stopped outside Istana Mestika said Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah has given his consent to the list that he presented today.

“I have presented the names of state executive council members to be considered and alhamdulillah, he has consented the list which I will announce tomorrow,” he told reporters.

Azmin also revealed that the exco composition will remain the same with Pas having four spots while PKR and DAP have three each.

When pressed to reveal who they are, Azmin said: “Tomorrow, tomorrow. I am thankful that the Sultan consented the list and we will make an announcement tomorrow morning,” he said.

Azmin arrived at Istana Mestika at 2.40pm to present the list of new excos and seek the Sultan’s consent.

He exited about an hour an a half later at 4.10pm.

The new state executive councillors will be sworn in at the Alam Shah palace at 3.30pm tomorrow.

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