Teacher Accused Of Abusing Pupil

Miri – A teacher at a Long Lama school has been accused of abusing a Primary 6 pupil to the point the boy almost passed out due to shortness of breath.


John Randi Mandu lodged a report at the Beluru police station in Bakong on Friday, claiming that his brother Joachim Belisan Mandu was kicked in the ribs, slapped on the face and hit on the neck with a ruler for not doing his homework.


According to him, school authorities brought the 12-year-old to the Long Lama Clinic for emergency treatment around 9am.


He claimed that Joachim suffered pain on his back and face, and there were also bruises on the left side of his neck.


“This is too much – we can’t tolerate it. We charge that the teacher has abused our brother and we want the authorities to take action,” he told thesundaypost yesterday.


“If a pupil does not do his homework, the teacher in charge should use a proper way to punish; not by kicking, slapping or beating with any object,” he said.


Randi said when Joachim’s condition worsened, the boy was taken by ambulance to Miri Hospital and arrived around 2pm.


He had an X-ray and was later admitted for further observation.


Randi later went to see Sarawak Dayak Association (Pedas) secretary and publicity officer Bill Kayong, to seek help in the matter.


Bill, together with Pedas committee member Samuel Suring, then offered consultation to Randi with regard to the case.

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