By Umar Mukhtar

It appears that the minister of economic affairs prefer to play in the kiddies pool instead of re-negotiating unfair contracts with big-power muscles, or spearheading sharp expert discussions of how a small nation should handle an economic crisis of international proportions.

So the nation pays dearly by just waiting and waiting and waiting for a break. Nobody is asking him to be parley with OPEC to improve oil prices, because it seems that he can’t even handle the overseas pr against palm oil. Let the highly qualified lady who takes three spoonfuls of palm oil everyday to stay young, tell EU her story.

What to do, you can take the boy out of the kampung, but you can’t the kampung out of the boy. So he tweets to run down a girl almost half his age, talking about kitchens where he hatches his frivolous plots with his doers.

Here is a fair damsel who dared call the sitting PM a former dictator, because she thinks it, and the minister call her a cry-baby! Far from it, man!

Even her firebrand of a father, for political reasons, twisted and turned so as not to call a spade a spade. And you, you wouldn’t even dare to mention her name.

She quits the PAC job to underscore her earnestness to prove a point. Voting with her feet is something you will not dare to do. What else can you work as? A courtier, maybe!

She spoke overseas because the truth knows no political boundaries, and those like the lackey from Jasin who really think that’s a no-no should condemn himself to the stone-age. If he thinks that it will hurt his PM’s reputation, then he sure doesn’t think very highly of him.

Let’s see what’s cooking in your kitchen. PTPTN, toll-free highways, a robust stock-market, a strong ringgit, an increasing FDI, lower cost of food, higher commodity prices, are all listed on the menu.

But the kitchen doesn’t understand such heavy stuff. So let’s talk about the exorbitant prices of fireworks in Bali and the next time Uncle Ong Beng Seng will bring the minister’s family to rub shoulders with the Singapore PM, and whether the Houston Rockets will make the play-offs.

Shame on you. Not doing what you are paid to do except present cheques to the states like Santa Claus, on the PM’s instructions, and announcing the building of airports so close to the existing two.

Shame on you to pick a fight when all that person did was to answer with her opinion when asked, as truthfully as she can.

You, you try to kill a fellow party-leader today, and tomorrow you hug the father as if nothing had happened. And you call that piece of cowardice and unnecessary hypocrisy as politics. Ugh!

Man, get on with the work you are paid for. You look so small and cheap acting like Trump. Oh, I see, that’s the huge pond you think you are playing in! That’s funny, really.


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