Padang Terap MP Hopes Kedah Government Will Help In Resolving Land Issue

Alor Setar – The Member of Parliament for Padang Terap, Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid has urged the Kedah state government to resolve the overlapping land ownership in the Mukim of Padang Terap Kiri, in Padang Terap district between Tradewinds Corridor Sdn Bhd and the villagers.

Mahdzir, who is also the Deputy Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water, hoped that the state government could immediately arrange for a negotiation with the company management to resolve the crisis in the interest of the villagers concerned.

He regretted the method adopted by Tradewinds Corridor Sdn Bhd in removing the villagers as though they were immigrants.

“The villagers concerned have been living in the area for many years. We should not remove the villagers as though they are immigrants. The issue that arises now is the overlapping land between the villagers and the company. This issue has been going on for many years,” he said in a statement Thursday.

Yesterday, the management of Tradewinds Corridor Sdn Bhd and their lawyer, the representative from the court and a number of policemen had asked the residents to vacate their houses, rubber holdings and padi land within 14 days.

Tradewinds Corridor Sdn Bhd, as the plaintiff, had filed ownership on the land at the Alor Setar High Court in 2012 and the court recently approved the application.

The defendants comprise Mohd Shukri Jamil, Sombun Din Kau, Abdul Rahim Ismail, Md Isa, Abdul Halim Arshad, Hamid Itam, Mustafa Ahmad, Abdul Rahman Jusoh and other residents who were not identified who were occupying part of the land contained in the ownership title in Kampung Charok Katok, Padang Cenderai, Jalan Padang Sanai.

Mahdzir said he had held a meeting with the main leader of the company, Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhary to discuss the postponement of any action on the issue.

“In principle, Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhary had personally agreed to resolve the issue through negotiation involving the three parties, namely the company, the state government and a representative of the residents,” he said.

Mahdzir said Tradewinds Corridor Sdn Bhd is the private company that had entered into a smart partnership with the government on many matters including the Kilang Gula Padang Terap located near the village, and the company should have taken a more courteous approach. – Bernama

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