MH17 Victim’s Credit Cards Used By “Heartless” Rebels After Crash

The wife of a Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 victim was stunned when she saw that her husband’s credit cards were being used after the plane crashed in Ukraine last week, the Daily Mail reported.

Cameron Dalziel’s wife Reine has since cancelled her husband’s credit cards upon noticing activity in his account, her brother told CNN.

Cameron was a South African travelling on a British passport, who had moved with his wife and two children to Malaysia recently.

The report said that the “heartless” rebels, who allegedly shot the plane down, had been using victims’ credit cards, answering their phones and looting their belongings, including jewellery, from the crash site.

Reine’s brother, Shane Hattingh, told CNN that, “People are abusing it in the Ukraine. They have no respect for each other, look what they’re doing. It’s no surprise that they were treating the remains of people like that. It made me angry beyond words”.

This only added weight to reports that the pro-Russian rebels have looted the MH17 crash site to sabotage the investigation into the disaster and to cash in on it, the Daily Mail reported.

It was previously reported that relatives of victims of the crash had called their mobile phones only to have them picked up by people with “eastern European-sounding voices”.

They then proceeded to instruct the mobile phone companies to shut down the accounts.

The report said that a picture of a rebel taking a ring from a body at the disaster site has also surfaced.

“After terrorists looters stole all the cash, jewellery, mobile phones and credit cards of passengers of ill-fated Boeing – they took up their favourite deal – gathering of scrap metal. Aluminium from which the plane is made is expensive,” Ukrainian government adviser Anton Gerashchenko was quoted as saying.

Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Council spokesman Andrei Lysenko, was also reported as saying previously that there were no limits to the “cynicism of these gangsters”.

“According to our information, apart from picking up valuable personal belongings of the passengers, terrorists are using credit cards of the victims,” he said.

UK intelligence officials claim there was new evidence which showed that the separatists had planned to sabotage the probe into the crash by contaminating the area with parts from other planes, the report said.

The rebels, they were reported as saying by Sky News, had discussed removing bodies from the crash site and sending the black box data recorders to Moscow.

The Daily Mail also reported that rebel commander Igor Strelkov had issued a decree, ordering the jewellery, watches and other valuables taken from the victims of the crash to be handed in to fund their insurgency.

However, the decree could not be verified, it was reported. But the order said that the loot must be brought in to the headquarters of the Donetsk People’s Republic army for its “Defence Fund” by 8pm yesterday.

The Boeing 777 was en route to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam when it was shot down in eastern Ukraine last Thursday, killing all 298 people on board.

Those responsible for downing the aircraft have yet to be identified, with Russian and Ukrainian authorities blaming each other and pro-Russian separatists for the disaster.

The MH17 crash comes just four months after MH370, along with its 239 passengers and crew, disappeared on March 8. Its whereabouts remain unknown.

The tragedies have led to the loss of 537 lives, the highest death toll suffered by any airline over such a short time span. – CNN

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