DAP Wants Chief Who Can Dance To Its Tune, PAS Man Claims

KUALA LUMPUR – PAS’s Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi has accused the DAP of subterfuge in its decision to cut ties with Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang but not the Islamist party.


The Islamist party’s central committee member further claimed the DAP’s actions over the ongoing hudud debacle to be pretext in order to win favour with potential candidates in PAS who are friendly to the predominantly Chinese party and stand a chance to take over from Hadi at the June party polls.


“My conclusion is that DAP does not want a leader who refuses to follow their beat and wishes like Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Hadi Awang. Instead the DAP wants a leader or PAS president who can follow their wishes,” Nasruddin said in a statement yesterday.


The Temerloh MP claimed that the Monday decision by the DAP’s central executive committee echoed certain fringe voices within PAS who were resistant to Hadi’s democratically elected leadership.


He suggested this to be the reason why the DAP was hoping that there would be a leadership change at the next PAS muktamar, or general assembly in June, which is also when the Islamist party will be holding its elections.


But Nasrudin warned that the DAP was playing into the hands of its political foes with its latest move, which would endanger the whole Pakatan Rakyat federal opposition pact.


“Now Pakatan Rakyat enemies like Umno and (Barisan Nasional) and others will be very happy with this new attack by DAP towards the PAS president.


“Certainly the attack is seen only as raising the temperature and tension between PAS and DAP in Pakatan Rakyat. This saves the enemy bullets. They are only waiting to accompany the victim,” he said.


Hadi’s support for PAS-led Kelantan to pass amendments last week to a controversial plan to enforce strict a strict Islamic penal code drew the DAP’s censure.


Ties between the two parties appear to be at breaking point after the DAP issued a stinging statement rebuking Hadi for being “dishonest” over the hudud issue, while reaffirming its commitment to the PR political pact.


The decision, however, puts the three-party pact in a conundrum as the PR presidential council will not be able to carry out any policy decisions as consensus agreement is required.


However, the DAP has said it will leave the state administrations of Selangor and Penang undisturbed. – MalayMail

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