Too Many Foreign Labourers In Malaysia – Riot

Serian – The number of foreign labourers in Malaysia has to be reduced, says Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Richard Riot.

Quoting latest figures sourced from the Statistics Department, he said 6.7 million out of the over 30 million people residing in this country are foreigners, comprising those with legal working permit and illegal workers.

He warned that the number of foreigners in the country was very high and could jeopardise the safety of the country if it continued to rise.

“How long do we have to continue to depend on foreign labour, both legal or without working documents? We cannot allow the number to continue to rise. As the minister in charge, it is my responsibility to make sure the country reduces its dependency on foreign labour,” he said when officiating at the closing of a futsal tournament on Saturday night.

16 teams from Iban villages in Serian constituency competed in the tournament held in Kampung Sg Engkabang A from Nov 21 to 22.

The trophy was won by Black Robers with Keling Kenyalang Balai Ringin FC in second and third places.
Riot who is also Serian MP called on more Dayak youths to enrol in technical schools and skills training colleges to enhance their employability.

Speaking mainly in Iban to the villagers, he expressed dismay over the low number of Dayak youths enrolling for skills training and technical education, warning they could be left behind by the time the nation achieved developed status in 2020.

He said since a developed nation required 55 per cent of its workforce to be skilled labour, Dayak youths must be more aggressive in seizing opportunities available so they could be part of the skilled labour force which potentially offers high income.

Pointing out there are more than 300 technical schools nationwide, inclusive of 30 under his ministry such as Institut Latihan Perindustrian (ILP), he said he felt sad after being informed by one of the ILP directors that the enrollment of Dayak youths is not as many as he had expected.

“I am sad because if Dayaks do not seize the opportunity from now until 2018, they could be left out. This is due to Malaysia achieving developed status and high income economy in 2020, and today the nation is at the brink of achieving that status,” he said

Also present at the function were Balai Ringin assemblyman Snowdan Lawan, political secretary to the prime minister Major (rtd) Peter Runin and community leaders from the area. – TheBorneoPost

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