3-Year-Old Toddler Murdered For Mocking His Neighbour

Beaufort – A man believed to murder a three-year-old child here as he was annoyed for always being ridiculed by the neighbour’s children, said district police chief Deputy Supt Mustaffa Maarof Mustaffa.

The toddler, Shahriqal Sidek was found in a river at Kg Jempagah, near Sekolah Menengah St John here at 2pm yesterday.

He was last seen playing with his elder brother Mohd Syahfuddin, 8, and Mohd Syahrizam, 6, outside their house on Friday morning.

The 24-year-old mother alerted the police when she found out Shahriqal was not around later the same day.

“An interrogation on the 30-year-old suspect revealed that he bundled the neighbour’s child into his car, and slapped him until he fainted before dumping the boy into the river.

“The man was remanded for seven days beginning yesterday for further investigation,” he said, adding that the man is related to the victim’s mother. – NST

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