Singapore throws man in jail for calling Singaporeans ‘losers’ on Facebook

SINGAPORE — Filipino man Ello Ed Mundsell Bello was sentenced to four months in prison in Singapore this week for

inflammatory trolling.

In post on Facebook in January, Bello called Singaporeans, among other things, “Stinkaporeans” and losers. His lawyer

said the post was intended to stir up fans of sociopolitical websites, but that he was instead “flamed” by netizens.

Panicked by the public’s reaction, Ello lodged a police report claiming a stranger accessed his Facebook account. However,

after being confronted with evidence, he later confessed to writing the post.


Bello also said that Filipinos would take Singaporeans’ jobs, women and would evict all of them from Singapore. He also

claimed the country would become a new Filipino State.


And while Bello may have been seen as just another loudmouth expat elsewhere, he was jailed for four months under

Singapore’s sedition laws for inciting public discontent and giving false information to officers.- TN

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