Support For MAS Gets Louder

Kuala Lumpur – The cloud of the MH17 tragedy has catalysed the silent majority to point out just why Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has continued to faithfully serve millions all these years, regardless of its critics.

This outpouring of support — especially from loyal passengers and those who envy the airline for its excellent service — is growing louder by the day for this national icon to continue with pride rather than letting itself end up just as a fond memory.

There’s every reason why MAS should rise again like the wau on this groundswell of public support to make Malaysia proud and The Rakyat Post would like everyone who has enjoyed Malaysian Hospitality on-board MAS to tell us why you, too, admire our national carrier.

With so much heart-warming encouragement expressed by Malaysians and foreigners alike, taking to social media and various channels to express loyalty to the national carrier, it’s a real comfort to know that MAS has done something really right by its passengers.

DAP secretary-general and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan EngLim-Guan-Eng

“I will stick to flying Malaysia Airlines despite the tragedy. Showing solidarity for MAS in these trying times is not limited to giving speeches and words of encouragement alone. We would like to stress here that we will continue flying with MAS, if time allows it.”


Student Qihong LimQihong-MAS

“MAS has had its flag raised high and done us proud for many decades. It’s been an unlucky year for MAS to face two aviation tragedies within few months. I wish to extend my continuous support to MAS and will still continue to fly with MAS at every given opportunity. Stay strong and be strong.” (Email)


Noor Hidayat

“I flew almost all South East Asian Airlines and MAS is definitely the best. No matter what happens, MAS is definitely still my choice for long distance. See you in October, Malaysian Hospitality.” (Facebook)


Shalani Mohana Kumaran

“Hi MAS! I have been your young fan ever since I was small. I have been flying with you since small as my dad is a pilot himself and coming from an aviator family we have always ended up with special privileges whenever we fly with you. The staffs, stewards, stewardess and pilots have been really friendly. I know you are experiencing a very difficult time now but don’t you worry, my family and I will always stand by you MAS for we know what you are exactly going through. We have had days where dad has called us after emergency landing, system failure and etc but it was always the faith in God that we as a family had that all will be good. This too shall pass for you as it was never your mistake. Be strong and we will always stand by MAS :)” (Facebook)



“MAS, always in my heart since young as the World’s Best Cabin Crew. Keep it up guys.” (Facebook)



“What can MAS do under such circumstances? As a national brand, the airline has done its share in earning the country a really good name. Why hail them in their glorious days and shun them when they are suffering? Its a home brand and every Malaysian should be proud of it. Stay strong MAS…” (Facebook)



“My first flight when I was a baby was MAS. My first thought when it comes to the word MAS is the warmth, beauty and classy demenour of the crew members. Many a times when I passed by giant billboards that proudly flashed awards won by MAS with the picture of their signature stewardess’ smiles & MAS symbol, I felt “that’s ours”, our pride. 2 unfortunate incidents out of countless safe and comfortable trips wouldn’t make me lose faith in our national carrier. Be stronger than ever. We are with you! MAS count me in!” (Facebook)



“We love you MAS! Chin up, never give up!” (Facebook)


William Cheah

“Pardon me if I get angry when I see fellow Malaysians asking for its blood. Pardon me for getting furious when I hear Malaysians gleefully seeking its death and enjoying its painful throes of suffering. I will rally with our standard bearer even as you seek to bring it down. I and many more true Malaysians will fight for it when it can’t defend itself much. We will raise it from its knees. We will bring It back to where it belongs. Soaring in the clouds and sky, carrying our flag, sharing our love and most of all, staking our claim of pride in the global arena. I fly with you. Malaysians fly with you. And we are proud to do so. Hang in there.” (Facebook)


Shamsher Sgh

“My biggest joy is hearing the announcement where it says ‘To all Malaysians, welcome home’ and of course the unlimited supply of peanuts during the flights.” (Facebook)


Yakvb Tvfail

“I remember when I was about 5 years old, around 1982, and I was traveling with my family to Kuala Lumpur from Kuching. I started tearing the sugar packet, then the creamer. But I didn’t stop there, and went ahead with the little packets of salt and pepper too. Then, after confidently stirring for a while, I drank it. Noticing that the person seated beside me had begun laughing at me for quite sometime, I sat back and pretended to enjoy my tea on board my most memorable earliest memory of flying with Malaysia Airlines. For teaching me the value of properly preparing a cup of tea, I shall honour you with my custom even if I were to spend my final moments on board your distinguished air service.” (Facebook)


Esme Lim

“I love my country, i love this faithful national carrier. I will still stand by you even though the odds are against you, for deep in my heart, I know you have always been very caring. Rise up Malaysian Airlines!” (Facebook)


Nicholas Boon Ming Kiat

“MAS certainly have one of the best and most polite cabin crew. Really admire their professionalism and working attitude especially know the turmoil that MAS had been going through all these years.” (Facebook)


Dennis Sin Kachun

For better or for worse, we’ll support MAS as our national carrier!” (Facebook)


Nur Fazura, actressNur-Fazura

“I still LOVE Malaysia Airlines. I will always support and stand strong with Malaysia Airlines. One of the very BEST airlines.” (Twitter)


Pete Teo, singer-songwriterPete-Teo

“Getting onto a MAS flight had always meant the warmth of return. I still get a thrill whenever a MAS flight is about to land and the captain says ‘…and for Malaysians, welcome home.’ It saddened me to see the once great airline looted and raped over the years. My heart goes out to you, grand lady. These are dark times. Hang tough.” (Instagram)


Nabil Jeffri, Formula 3 racing driverNabil Jeffri

“I still think you guys are the best airlines.” (Twitter)


Jeffery Lu

“I always love Malaysia Airlines when traveling. Malaysia Airlines is always my first choice. They are the best crew even in economy class. Helpful, yet always smiling.” (Facebook)


Zai Joehurry

“I just landed from Singapore on MAS. I applaud their crew for the good service with a smile and politeness although l’m sure their heart is in grief.” (Facebook)


Kg Lee

“I am flying with MAS to Paris in August and return. Stay strong. You will see the colours of the rainbow after a heavy downpour.” (Facebook)

Urban, Wellbeing and Local Government Minister Datuk Abdul Rahman DahlanDatuk-Abdul-Rahman-Dahlan

“Today, my first time flying MAS after #MH17. No fear, no second thoughts. For this is my airline. My family. My nation’s pride.” (Twitter)

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nancy ShukriNancy Shukri

“Almost every alternate day I fly Kuching/KL/Kuching, MAS is still the best choice.” (Twitter)


Elaine Teh

“I had a good flight to and return from India right after MH370 incident. And will still chose MAS for next travel after MH17. Please stay strong for now.” (Facebook)


Wong Chung Shyoong

“Stay with MAS, I’m flying this September.” (Facebook)


Ng Eng Cheang

“Just back from traveling. 5 planes ALL MAS!” (Facebook)


Lynda Chee

“I ♡ MAS. Supporting MAS for the past 20 years. Now & forever. My family & I will be flying with MAS to Taipei. We are with you, MAS.” (Facebook)


Muthu Kumar

“Am flying MAS next week to Paris.. Will always support our national airline.” (Facebook)


Elizabeth George, media consultant

Elizabeth-MAS“I grew up with MAS, my first flight to Brunei was on MAS. From 1970 till today, I’ve experience the same service by MAS crew. The cabin crew is friendly and clearly look like they enjoy their jobs unlike other airlines crews I have flown with. The planes are continuously upgraded, last month my flight to Kuching, we were even given the opportunity to watch inflight movie, I was so engrossed that my 1hr 20mins seem so short. Today, despite the negativity that MAS faces, I still hold on to their shares I bought on Bursa Malaysia and will continue flying MAS. My next flight to Vietnam and India are booked on MAS.” (Email)


Zainal Abidin Abdul Aziz

“I love MAS and forever with MAS.” (Facebook)


Seetha Devi

“Despite criticism, MAS is still my preferred airline. Cabin crews are what I enjoyed most unlike some airlines.” (Facebook)


Mohd Saufi Hussain

“I am in Yangon now, going back to KL in the afternoon. A business partner from Singapore asked ‘Aren’t you afraid of taking Malaysia Airlines?’ I said ‘NO’. Another one from Australia said ‘MAS is a good airline & a safe one. What happened is beyond their control’, and he took MAS from Sydney-KL-Yangon and returned Bangkok-KL-Sydney, being his favorite airline to travel on.” (Facebook)


Azril Sani Puasa, Projects Portfolio Management Lead at Shell Azril-MAS

“I’m an avid traveler and MAS is always my preferred carrier; both domestically and internationally irregardless whether it’s on business or personal trip. I love flying on MAS not because it carries our national flag but because I’ve had nothing but good experience with them – friendly staff and smooth flights.
You may be flying thousands of miles away, but they make you feel like you’ve never left home. My next flight with MAS is to Kota Kinabalu next month and I’m already looking forward for it. Fly High Malaysia Airlines!” (Email)


Norazim JP Jim

“I never consider flying with other airlines except MAS!” while Leonard Lee wrote: “I only fly with MAS, and will always fly with MAS.” (Facebook)


Jonah Lee

“Me and my wife have booked our flight to Sydney in September, will not cancel or change our flight to another airline. We stand by you MAS.” (Facebook)


The Sydney Morning Herald

“Her teenage son narrowly missed boarding the doomed Malaysia Airlines flight, but Tessa Woollett had no concerns flying out from Sydney with the same carrier to meet him. Ms Woollett, who came ‘so close’ to buying a ticket for her son on the packed MH17 from Amsterdam that was shot down above eastern Ukraine, said she had no nerves about travelling with the airline.

“Sydney woman Nadine Aziz made a last-minute decision to buy tickets on Saturday night because ‘prices dropped and were really good’. ‘I’m not at all worried,’ Ms Aziz said. ‘Why would you be? I think they will be an even better flight after this and the prices are cheaper.’ Irish couple Patrick and Marlene Campbell, who booked tickets a year ago, said they did not consider swapping airlines and had no fear getting on board the flight. ‘We didn’t think about it,’ Mr Campbell said. ”We’ve got the luck of the Irish.’ Another passenger, making his way to Turkey with his wife, said major aircraft accidents were rare and could happen to any airline. ‘You still have more chance of getting hit by a car on the way here. We didn’t have a thought about cancelling the trip’.”


Lindsay Murdoch, award-winning journalist, Southeast Asia correspondent for Fairfax Media in Australia

“No Malaysians I have spoken to are blaming Malaysia Airlines. I plan to fly home with Malaysia Airlines.” (wrote in a commentary filed from Kuala Lumpur, published in The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.)


Jon Schreibfeder

“I have flown Malaysia Airlines many times and found that the service and people are great! But then again why wouldn’t it be? Malaysia is filled with friendly and hospitable people!” (Facebook)


Judith Aschenbach

“Next year I will be going home I will still use MAS like I always do.” (Twitter)


Anna Dunphy, London

“I have flown on Malaysia Airlines a number of times, specifically the route of MH17. They are a fantastic airline. Devastated for them.” (Twitter)


Keith Bradsher, Hong Kong bureau chief of The New York Times

“I am about to fly Malaysia Airlines to Kuala Lumpur to cover MH17: I don’t believe in bad luck.” (Twitter)


Ineke Muller

“I must thank you! I always had very nice flights and excellent service with smiling faces…so very sorry for you, I am Dutch.” (Twitter)


Sebastian Trudeau

“Thanks but no.. still flying with you in October and looking forward to it! Stay strong.” (Responding to MAS’ Twitter account waiving charges for anyone wanting to change their bookings to another airline)


Wade Matheson, Australia

“Please continue to support Malaysia Airlines. They are a great community minded airline with many fine people who work there. They’ll need us.” (Facebook) – TRP

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