Retain Six Per Cent GST Rate For Five Years, Say MCA Delegates

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 22 (Bernama) — The 60th MCA general assembly which concluded here Sunday called on the government to retain the six per cent tax on the proposed Goods and Services Tax for at least five years.

They expressed support for the GST, the subsidy rationalisation effort and other measures of the government as part of the economic transformation process.

These were among the seven approved resolutions encompassing 13 matters such as party affairs, politics, the economy, education, the federal constitution, government and governance, the society and quality of life.

The resolutions, announced by the chairman of the assembly Datuk Yik Phooi Hong and unanimously approved by 1,258 delegates, called on all MCA members to be united in support of the new leadership in carrying out a renewal and transformation to regain the support of the people.

On politics, the delegates condemned all forms of racism and urged the government to act firmly against those who incited hatred among the races.

The delegates also called on the government to implement policies based on merit, saying this was an effective way to draw talent and curb brain drain.

They asked the government to reduce financial leakage and wastage so that the national deficit could be slashed.

On education, the assembly asked the government to implement the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) and recognise it as a part of the mainstream education system in the country.

It also asked the government, through the education ministry, to be more transparent in terms of the entry requirements for local universities in line with the government effort to make Malaysia a highly competitive country.

On the federal constitution, the delegates defended the clause which provided for Islam as the religion of the federation and allowed the practice of all other religions in peace and harmony, and wanted no discrimination against any citizen solely on religion, race, descent or place of birth.

On government and governance, the delegates expressed support for the special committee chaired by the chief secretary to the government to study irregularities in the financial governance system as revealed in the report of the auditor-general.

The general assembly also expressed support for the government initiative to set up the integrity management unit in all public agencies to improve compliance with procedures in line with the efforts of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission in fighting abuse of power and eradicating corruption.

On society and the quality of life, the delegates asked the Home Ministry to improve crime prevention and law enforcement to improve the public perception of the quality of the police service.


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