MP’s Wife Should Be Charged With Sedition

Georgetown – Gerakan’s Batu Kawan division youth wing wants the police to investigate Tanjung MP Ng Wei Aik’s wife for her alleged seditious social media posting discrediting the country over the MH17 tragedy.

In his police report lodged yesterday, J Puspanathan accused Ng’s wife, Tan Poh See of condemning Malaysia as “scary and useless” in her Facebook posting in the aftermath of the aviation tragedy on July 17.

Puspanathan slammed Tan for tarnishing the country’s international reputation with her alleged distasteful comment in the posting.

“As the wife of a DAP parliamentarian, who won his Tanjung seat by a landslide (victory), Tan should know what to say and what not to say,” he said.

“The whole world is mourning the deaths of innocent people in an act of terrorism. While she as a Malaysian MP’s wife berates and insults her own country.

“Police should investigate and take stern action against Tan even though she has apologised,” Puspanathan, who also heads Gerakan national youth welfare and social bureau, told FMT here today.

Tan allegedly posted in Mandarin, “Malaysia Negara Menggerunkan, Apa Jenis Negara Yang Tidak Berguna ini” (Malaysia is a scary nation, what kind of useless country is this?) on her Facebook page registered as Yuki Tan.

Yuki Tan’s posting went viral and was criticised by other Facebook users as “distasteful, insensitive and unpatriotic”.

Tan immediately removed the posting and made a public apology, which was not accepted by many who said that “her apology was too little, too late as the damage was already done.”

Puspanathan said Malaysians were curious to know what is ‘so scary about Malaysia’ that prompted Tan to post such an odious remark.

“Her remark condemning her own country is irresponsible and rude.

“By right the police should have acted by now,” insisted Puspanathan.

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