The Battle Between Mahathir and Najib

by: Lao Meng Dong
The battle between Prime Minister Najib and former prime minister Dr Mahathir has worsened and become personal.


It now looks more like a battle of life and death. No matter how outsiders view it, Dr Mahathir is staking his reputation as the former prime minister for 22 years and his network in launching his attack against Najib in recent weeks.


The intensity is much worse than his previous attack against the fifth prime minister Abdullah. It just shows his determination to get Najib out.


Dr Mahathir has three trump cards: 1MDB’s massive debts, Altantuya, the murdered Mongolian girl and the wanton spending in the Prime Minister’s Department.


When supporters around Najib defend him, Dr Mahathir fainted surprise and blamed it on money politics, adding that people around him had declared their support of Najib because they had benefited from him.


Dr Mahathir even predicted that if Najib stayed on as the prime minister, he would have to bear the disastrous consequences of Barisan losing the next general election.


The row has suddenly exposed the ugly side of the power struggle in UMNO’s top leadership.


Many who have long cherished the idea that politicians are there to serve people are rudely awakened to realize that politics is ruthless and dirty.


Najib has been the prime minister for the sixth year. We are all familiar with the many accusations he faced and there is no need to repeat them here.


On the other hand, there was a long article on the Internet a few day ago which likened Dr Mahathir as the Pharaoh of Egypt.


The article said when Dr Mahathir was the prime minister, he had covered up many scandals. Some examples are BMF’s near bankrupt case and the murder of a Malaysian auditor in Hong Kong while three other directors sought refuge overseas, the massive losses incurred by the Government due to the collapse of the London tin market, the billion-ringgit losses incurred by the Government in buying back MAS shares from an individual in the MAS bail-out due to massive losses; The AP scandal benefitting party cronies while the public footed the bill.


The government issued at least 1,000 APs a year and each AP could make RM30,000 and the money raked in added up to RM450 million during the 15 years period.


And then during the 1998 Asian financial crisis, the Government spent RM1.7 billion to bail out Dr Mahathir’s son’s shipping company and in 1987, RM3 billion was spent to bail out the steel company.


The list contains 17 incidents which have been buried deep. The total loss was estimated to be at least RM500 billion. It means each of the 20 million Malaysians had to bear a loss of RM25,000.


The writer also published a list of 17 other incidents during Dr Mahathir’s time, including a minister getting married secretly in Thailand, a senior government official committing khalwat with an artiste in a hotel in Port Dickson, several politicians having sexual relationships with under-aged girls, a Muslim lawyer went to Thailand to marry another wife and later promoted to be a senior judge, even religious officials committed adultery and are still holding senior positions.


Compared to those happening under Najib’s time, those occurred during Dr Mahathir’s time were even worse.


However, Dr Mahathir chose not to notice and make no explanation even though they are open secrets among those in they own circles.


Frankly speaking, Dr Mahathir cannot shirk his responsibility in leading Malaysia to such a low point now.


National leaders and top government officials are corrupt and they abused their power; they take bribes, have poor moral value and their performances were poor which have resulted in a near empty government coffer now.


The seeds of all this had been planted under Dr Mahathir’s authoritarian rule when cut out his political rivals and oppressed the press.


I have always asked people to take a look at the mirror and do some self-examination.


Dr Mahathir has already stepped down, mistakes have been made and cannot be corrected.


It’s best for him to keep quiet as otherwise, people will find fault with him and his administration and draw public criticism to his embarrassment.


It can never be expected that at 90, Dr Mahathir still wants to interfere in politics and even fight against Najib. He surprises the whole nation.


If not because of Pakatan’s internal struggle because of PAS, it won’t be surprised that Barisan will lose the power.


Judging by Dr Mahathir’s character, the show will last for some times and the curtain will not be drawn anytime sooner. – Oriental Daily

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