Civil Servants Are The Backbone Of Selangor – Azmin Ali

Shah Alam – Selangor Mentri Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali today said that without the support of the state civil servants he cannot fulfill the mandate entrusted to him by his leadership.

“Civil servants within the state government are important for the smooth running of the State Government,” he said in his first meeting with some 400 over civil servants at the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah building here.

While addressing them at the State secretariat’s Dewan Jubli Perak, he said, the civil servants were the nerve of the State.

“If the civil administration is efficient, the state government will be efficient (as well),” said Azmin who took over the MB post from his predecessor Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim less than a month ago.

He said the PKR leadership has entrusted him with a huge responsibility of a running a State Government which is one of the biggest in the country and promised to do his best to fulfill the mandate given to him, especially in serving the Rakyat to the best of his ability and looking into their needs.

“I will not be able to do this well if i am not supported by an efficient, dedicated and professional group of civil administration,” said Azmin, adding that he had full confidence in the efficiency and integrity of the civil servants in Selangor.

Giving an assurance that he will take the State to greater heights during his tenure, he said, the State can further develop and progress only through the support and cooperation of the civil servants.

“My fervent wish is to ensure the state administration is fully committed to taking Selangor to be come a fully developed State with a robust economic growth to ensure distributive justice where fair allocation is done through people-centric programmes,” he added.

At the gathering, Azmin launched the National language month to get civil servants to use communication as a tool to foster closer rapport between the leaders and the Rakyat.

“The state government will give importance to the use of Bahasa Malaysia (BM) as not only the national language, but also a language of knowledge and intelligence,” he said, adding that the language has been used way back in the 7th century in the Sumatra islands during the Sriwijaya rule.

He pointed out that BM was used under the Malay Sultanate as a lingua franca for knowledge, administration, diplomacy, legislation, philosophy and trade.

“The language is now owned by all Malaysians, and in the 21st century, it should be more than a communicative language, but a vehicle of thought and rationality,” he said.

Speaking later to reporters, Azmin said, he hoped the Federal Government will disclose the water agreement deal between the state and Federal Governments and wondered why it has been classified as a national secret.

“The agreement does not involve national security. It is just a business contract between two parties,” he said, adding that he had written to the Federal Government on the matter, and is awaiting a reply.

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