Abu Backer Stages ‘Accident’ To Meet Guan Eng

Georgetown – The second day of the state legislative assembly sitting here took on a dramatic twist when Bukit Gelugor by-election candidate Abu Backer Sidek Md Zan suddenly showed up outside the building demanding to meet Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Abu Backer arrived at 1pm during the state assembly’s break in a taxi, urging to meet “my beloved Chief Minister”.

“Where is he? Why is it so hard to meet him?” asked Abu Backer.

He then went on a tirade against Lim, alleging that Lim was probably too busy to meet him as the latter was too busy managing his own assets and not the rakyat’s.

Just as Abu Backer arrived in his taxi, DAP’s candidate Ramkarpal Singh Deo also arrived to meet with state representatives, together with his eldest brother Jagdeep Singh Deo, who is Datuk Kramat state assemblyman and also the state exco in charge of housing.

Ramkarpal was speaking to the press outside the hall when Abu Backer’s arrival saw members of the press rushing over to Abu Backer to see what the latter was up to this time.

Ramkarpal then proceeded to meet with the state representatives, who were having their lunch break.

Abu Backer, a lawyer, had wanted to pass an invitation and a complaint letter to Lim, but was told by security to arrange for a proper appointment. This did not go down well with Abu Backer.

The complaint letter was about him facing difficulties securing the usage of halls in the Air Itam area for his ceramah and an invitation was for Lim to attend his ceramah on hudud on May 25.

Dissatisfied, Abu Backer then waited until Lim had emerged from the assembly building in his chauffeur-driven official car at 2pm and tried to stop Lim right in the middle of busy Lebuh Light.

He defied orders from security personnel there. Abu Backer was seen hitting the car and falling to the ground, with his head under the front bumper of the car.

Traffic came to a standstill for 30 minutes with curious passers-by gathering. An ambulance arrived and took him to the Penang Hospital for an examination.

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