Zairil Denied, May Take Legal Action

Kuala Lumpur – Bukit Bendera MP, Zairil Khir Johari has denied today that it was him featured in the photos which was widely circulated recently showing two people resembling him and DAP’s Dyana Sofya in an intimate manner.

According to a report in Sinar Online, Zairil had also mulled about the possibility of taking legal action against the people who created the controversy.

“I would rather not dignify the issue further, I just want to say that gutter politics in Malaysia is becoming worse.

“This is not the first time, as if there were no other issues to play up,” said Zairil who is also a DAP CEC member toSinar Online.

Meanwhile, Dyana was reported to be very angry and disgusted at how gutter politics are constantly being used against the Opposition.

However, she did not comment further on the issue.

“As a woman, I am an easy target. Because I’m a woman. I am seen as ‘easily bullied’. I’m angry, but I don’t want to not entertain such evil politics,” she told Sinar Online.

The photos which were widely circulated on social media today, showed an intimate scene between two people resembling Zairil and Dyana.  –  Astro Awani

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