Rotten contractor uses ghostly photo to threaten violence against principal

KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN — Or did he? In Taiwan, the constructioncontractor for an elementary school

building was falling behind on his schedule and was over extended financially.


Mr. Dai, the contractor, attempted to negotiate for more time and money, but the principal of the school

and a representative from the Ministry of Education denied him the extra time and funds. He was told he

would have to dip into his own pocket to finish the school.


Angry, Mr. Dai sent a photo of a supposed ghost to both parties, claiming that the construction was going

so slowly because the school grounds were haunted. Mr. Dai claimed that the ghost had told him he

should slow down or else something bad may happen to the principal. Fed up with his shenanigans, the

Ministry of Education representative reported the photo to the police as a threat of violence.


In court Mr. Dai attempted to throw one of his workers under the bus, claiming he’d only received the

photo from someone on his construction crew. But a judge disagreed with him and put him on probation

for 2 years, if Mr. Dai violates the terms of his probation he’ll be sent to jail. The judge ruled that the

ghostly photo and caption were indeed threats of violence against the principal and representative.


The pathetic part is that the ghost was easily created using a free downloadable app. An elementary

school student could easily create a similar photo.- TN

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