No “Fireworks” At Palace Of Justice

Putrajaya – The group who vowed to protest against the judiciary by “blowing up” courts across the nation had failed to live up to their promise at the Palace of Justice here past midnight, over an hour after they threatened to do so.


Nothing appeared out of the ordinary outside the complex, which exceeded the date and time set by the four masked men to launch fireworks in seeking retibution against the judicial system.


A video recently posted on YouTube depicted a group of four masked men reading out a threatening statement from the back of a sheet of paper that carried the image of local actress Nora Danish.



The video, which was set against the backdrop of the Malaysian flag and scattered bottles in the foreground stuffed with white material resembling Molotov cocktails, featured the men warning the authorities of their plan to launch fireworks at courts across Malaysia on at precisely 11.30pm on Feb 18.


However a group who opposed the clad-in-black masked men’s plot had turned up to observe the “spectacle”.


Among them was Putrajaya Umno Youth Chief Ahmad Faisal Abdul Karim who had urged the government to tighten laws on such threats.


“It is extraordinary for a group of young men to make such a challenge in the face of the judiciary and the democratic system,” he said when met outside the complex late yesterday evening.

He added that such threats had gone against the harmonious state of the country, particularly in the federal administrative capital.


Faisal was joined by some 20 other division youth members.


Last week the Federal Court had upheld the decision over Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s five-year prison sentence for his second sodomy trial.


The posting of video was also believed to have been in light of the decision.


Police had opened an investigation under the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 and Section 124(C) of the Penal Code.


They are also working closely with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to identify the persons behind the footage. – NST

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