Ohio Facebook Predator Kidnaps, Rapes and Impregnates Teen

CINCINNATI — An Ohio man allegedly used his Facebook profile to lure a teenager to his apartment before eventually holding her captive as his apparent sex slave for four months, according to a Daily Beast report.



To make matters worse, the alleged abduction and rape happened while the suspect, Cody Lee Jackson, was under house arrest while facing charges related to the alleged abduction of two women last August.



Despite the charges, once he posted a $100,000 bond, Jackson apparently refused to let an electronic monitoring device get in the way of his Facebook predation of little girls.



Using an account named “Cody Idfwu Jackson”, one of two reportedly followed by thousands of young girls and filled with shirtless photos of himself, Jackson, in February, got in touch with a 14-year-old who lived in another town.



Within a day of their initial contact, he began ferrying the girl by cab for bidaily sexual encounters to the Cincinnati suburb of Norwood where his wealthy dad had rented an apartment for him to use.



His initial friendly nature towards the girl, however, allegedly soon gave way to psychotic behavior that saw Jackson breaking her phone, replacing it with a flip phone and forcing her to abide by a strict set of arbitrary rules.



Rules that included not being allowed to talk to other men, wearing tight jeans or even being allowed to sing or hum songs by male singers.



The initially voluntary encounters allegedly lasted for three weeks before Jackson turned physically violent, held her hostage, raped her and eventually impregnated the teen.



In July, authorities removed Jackson’s monitoring device as part of a plea deal, giving him the opportunity to flee the state ahead of his August sentencing date.



While Jackson’s flight thankfully allowed the victim to return home, it didn’t save her from his Facebook messages, in which he allegedly threatened to kill her family unless she sent him nude photos.



Authorities luckily caught up to Jackson in Utah before he could make good on any of his disgusting threats.



He now faces a slew of both state and federal charges that include the production of child pornography, rape, kidnapping and interference with custody.-TN

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