Many Will Go Nude On The Streets If Allowed – Ridhuan Tee

Kuala Lumpur – Controversial scholar Ridhuan Tee Abdullah is cocksure that if nudity is allowed in the country, many will walk the streets naked.

He said this claiming wearing sexy and revealing clothes was already a culture.

Tee, a Muslim convert, said he found it “exciting” that an Indian minister had sought for a beach bikini ban in Goa as it led to rape as well as vice. He wondered why Malaysia had not emulated the initiative.

The “ultra kiasu” (a derogatory term that he uses to describe non-Malays or the DAP), he said, should not be allowed to run wild with their vice programmes or risk being punished by God.

“It’s nauseating to see air stewardess of a low-cost carrier wearing sexy outfits, while the stewards are covered up. The world is topsy-turvy,” Tee wrote in his column published in Sinar Harian.

Nudity recently became a hot topic after several individuals, including Malaysians, organised a nude sports games on a beach in Penang.

The nude games, Tee said, was a challenge to both PAS and Muslims, while the “ultra kiasu” did not seem too serious about curbing such events as they were staunch supporters of human rights, including the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities.

He also warned PAS that it needed to be more sensitive about such issues as the “ultra-kiasu” could not tell the difference between what was prohibited in Islam and was not.

He then cited the proposed RM100 million integrated pig farming project as an example.

“If it is allowed, Selangor would be known as ‘darul babi’ (swine),” he said, alluding to Selangor’s “Darul Ehsan” title.

Earlier, Tee said that PAS’ enemy was the “ultra kiasu” and not Umno as the former had been against Islam and PAS’ religious warriors.

The “ultra kiasu”, he claimed, had warned PAS that if it accepted Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim as the Menteri Besar, they (PAS members) were undignified traitors.

Abdul Khalid’s position as the MB has been hanging in balance after PKR and DAP backed PKR president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to succeed him.

Yesterday, PAS nominated both Wan Aizizah and her deputy, Mohammad Azmin Ali, as possible successors.

“Don’t PAS get the message? The ‘ultra kiasu’ is not just anti-Islam, but also arrogant and proud.”

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