Mahathir v Najib : Antagonist v Protagonist

by: Dr Tengku Rethwan Tengku Mansor



1) The relentless attack by Tun Mahathir on Prime Minister Najib has degraded into the rut of fret and anxiety.


2) This is the second attempt by Tun Mahathir exhibiting adamant sign to dislodge the Prime Minister of the day.


3) It looks as though the sharped tongue and sharped minded former Prime Minister no hold barred fury will not abate until his mission to unseat Najib is accomplished.


4) While Tun Mahathir has every right to manifest his freedom of expression, many feel that his actions are akin to giving free bullets and ammunitions to our common adversaries to further discredit our country and leadership.


5) The interview on TV3, did very little to ease Tun Mahathir continuous onslaught on Dato Seri Najib. The gentleman PM Najib had not once lambasted at Tun Mahathir but eloquently remark that he is only answerable to the rakyat not individual.


6) Like the Malay saying, ‘ditelan mati emak, diluah mati bapak’ Tun Mahathir and Najib are both the father and mother to our beloved country and the rakyat do not want to be caught in this dilemma.


7) Many opined that most of the issues raised by Tun Mahathir against Najib have been addressed while investigations are underway especially in regards to the 1MDB controversy.


8) The allegation on Altantuya’s case has been decided by the federal court and many feel that no one including Tun Mahathir should question the verdict of the federal court as upholding the law is the very tenet of our democracy.


9) At the same time, Najib detractors have fully taking on the advantage from Tun Mahathir’s torrid criticisms which could further undermine the present government and the leadership.


10) Many are now questioning the motives of Tun Mahathir latest allegations and begin to make counter attacks against the former Prime Minister. Like the Newton Third Law of Motion ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’.


11) Tun Mahathir has done great and wonderful things during his tenure as Prime Minister but many feel that he should now allow Najib space to execute Najib’s Transformation Agenda.


12) Experience will tell that nothing is perfect at the outset. We are always in the process of perfection.


13) Many who subscribe to the democratic process want Najib to continue leading the nation. If UMNO and rakyat is unhappy they can use the ballot boxes to express their disgruntlement.


14) UMNO and the rakyat salute and respect Tun Mahathir but Najib is now the Prime Minister and everyone including Tun Mahathir should support Najib’s vision in leading the nation in the same way Tun Mahathir was being supported when he was the Prime Minister.


15) ‘United We Stand , Divided We Fall’. Let us bury our hatchet and work towards the common goal of peace, progress and prosperity for the rakyat and our beloved Malaysia.

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