Gombak Starbucks Closed As Small Group Turns Up In Protest

Kuala Lumpur – Some 50 people turned up bearing placards and Palestine flags at the Petronas station along the Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2) in Gombak today for an anti-Israel campaign targeted at the Starbucks outlet within the petrol station.

Organised by Inspirasi Melayu Gombak (IMPAK), the peaceful demonstration went on without any untoward incidents.

Other non-governmental organisations (NGO) had also turned up in support, namely Sahabat Ulul Amri, Gabungan NGO 1Malaysia, the 1Malaysia Women Club and Persatuan Anak Jati Gombak (Paja).

Several Rela officers were deployed to manage the traffic.

The Starbucks outlet, however, was found to be closed, with police officers patroling the area.

Meanwhile, the McDonald’s outlet which was within the compounds of the Shell petrol station next to Petronas was open for business as usual.

Pamphlets were also distributed to the demonstrators urging them to behave properly and not to harass workers of the outlets or damage properties of the outlets.

IMPAK president Zul Azhari Mohamed Juah took to addressing the crowd, standing on the back of a small lorry, asking for Malaysians to stop frequenting companies which were claimed to be contributing to Israel in their relentless attack on Palestine.

With McDonald’s and Starbucks being the main target of boycott, Zul Azhari however said the calls for boycott was not indefinite, adding that the boycott will stop once these companies stop supporting Israel as claimed.

Some 2,000 car stickers were also distributed to passers-by.

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