NSC Needs To Buck Up On Disaster Response, Says Kit Siang

Kuala Lumpur – DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang has called on the National Security Council (NSC) to buck up in handling the east coast floods.


Lim said NSC must pull itself together, claiming that its second and third phases of relief and reconstruction in the disaster “are not up to the mark and not impressive at all, after a very dismal performance in the first phase of response to the floods catastrophe.”


“Instead of looking for excuses by making the false and ludicrous claim that Malaysia had not done too badly, as (compared to) Japan’s triple tragedy of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster, Malaysian leaders should wake up from their complacency and comfort zone and learn from the mistakes and failures in disaster management in all three phases of response, relief and reconstruction in the floods catastrophe,” he said in a statement.


He was responding to a statement made by NSC secretary Datuk Thajudeen Abdul Wahab in an interview with an online news portal, in which comparisons were made between the recent floods here and the tsunami disaster in Japan caused by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake in 2011.


Lim added that Thajudeen was clearly more interested in looking for “excuses for the lack of leadership, particularly the failure to declare a state of emergency, and the sub-par disaster response, relief and reconstruction phases of the disaster”.


“I shudder to think what it would be like if Malaysia had been struck by a disaster (such as that occurred) in Japan,” he added.


Lim said Thajudeen’s statement and the current disaster justifies his call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry to carry out a comprehensive review of the government’s disaster management preparedness.  TheSunDaily

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