Travelers Remain Addicted To Their Smart Devices

Modern travelers are as dependent as ever on their smart devices, whether they’re taking a trip for business or leisure, a new study by Expedia has revealed.

According to the 2014 “Expedia/Egencia Mobile Index”, 94 percent of people bring at least one mobile device with them on vacation and 97 percent bring at least one device on business trips.

The results show that mobile devices effectively serve as an all-in-one concierge, guide and companion for travelers, with 76 percent saying that their smartphone is “very important/critical” to their daily lives.

However, we are increasingly sensitive to public cell phone etiquette, with 53 percent of people saying that other travelers making calls on speakerphone is offensive.

Forty-seven percent find playing music or games without headphones rude, whilst 42 percent flagged up taking photos or videos of strangers without their knowledge as impolite.

The survey investigated the mobile device-related behavior and preferences among travelers in North America, South America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific regions.

Commissioned by Expedia and conducted online by Northstar, it was conducted among 8,856 employed adults across 25 countries. – AFP Relaxnews

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