Tamrin: PAS Has Broken Its Promises

Petaling Jaya – Tamrin Abdul Ghafar said he quit PAS because the party has broken its promises to voters and failed to honour the pledge to stand by its partners in Pakatan Rakyat.

Tamrin said he had received many messages from PAS members who were thinking about leaving the party.

Taking aim at the PAS leadership, he said the party had deviated from its objectives as well as ignored his views not only during the Selangor menteri besar crisis but also during the general election last year.

“There are quite a number of promises PAS did not fulfil and it is not my style of politics,” Tamrin told reporters after the launch of the Anti-Racism Movement (GAP) at Sunway Lagoon Club last night.

He did not specify what promises PAS had broken.

Tamrin also said he had no choice but to leave as there was no room for his opinions.

He said the suspension of two PAS assemblymen for breaking ranks in the Selangor menteri besar crisis went directly against the party’s own pledge to stand together with allies PKR and DAP.

In the crisis which ended with the appointment of PKR deputy president Azmin Ali as menteri bear, PAS assemblymen Saari Sungib (Hulu Kelang) and Hasnul Baharuddin (Morib) both signed statutory declarations backing Wan Azizah for the post.

“It is wrong of PAS to do that. What Saari and Hasnul did was to uphold the pact reached at the PAS muktamar to stay with Pakatan Rakyat.

The crisis triggered another one in PAS itself, pitting the party’s conservative Ulama faction against the so-called “Erdogans” .

Yesterday, Tamrin said he was not getting other disgruntled PAS members to quit but would not discount the possibility.

“I have received so many good messages and some are already giving indication to leave the party,” said the former Umno veteran.

He said he had no immediate plans to join other political parties.

Tamrin’s entry into PAS in 2012 made headlines largely due to the fact that he is the son of former deputy prime minister and Umno strongman, the late Tun Abdul Ghafar Baba.

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