Ku Li Says OSA Promotes Corruption

Kuala Lumpur – Former finance minister Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has asked for a review of the Official Secrets Act ( OSA) and the Financial Procedures Act (FPA) to curb the powers of the finance minister.

He said the OSA legislation “conceals thousands of lies” and a review was necessary to combat corruption.

The Umno veteran, popularly known as Ku Li, said, “Not everything must be a secret. I am not angry with the government but this is the weakness in our system because we abuse existing powers.”

Speaking of the FPA, he said, “I know this act because I used it when I was in the Finance Ministry,” said the Gua Musang MP when speaking at a forum today.

He said the “absolute powers” vested in the finance minister through the FPA must be reviewed as it provided room for corruption.

The veteran Umno leader said loopholes in the act allowed the minister to award contracts to any party through direct negotiations.

“If we want to control corruption, we must look into the Financial Procedures Act,” he said at a press conference following the forum.

The Financial Procedures Act gives absolute power to the finance minister through Parliament.

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