Sorry, People Make Mistakes, Says Woman ‘Road Bully’ On Facebook

Kuala Lumpur – The woman recorded hitting an elderly man’s car in Kuantan with a steering lock apologised publicly on her Facebook page today.

In her Facebook account, with the name Kiki Kerja Kahwin, the woman apologised for her actions and also urged the public and the media to remove the video recording of her hitting an elderly man’s car.

The post read: “I need people to respect my privacy. Sometimes people make mistakes. Sincere apology from my heart Malaysia!

“Yes that’s my mistakes. Please consider my future my kids in future. I’m sorry. Please delete all videos. I encourage all media that have my video please remove it.”

In the 2-minute 43-second video, which was uploaded on YouTube yesterday, the woman was recorded hitting the elderly man’s car with a steering lock, making a racist remark and demanding RM2,000 for damage after the man had accidentally knocked into her Peugeot.

The man, however, appeared calm and tried to sort the accident matter amicably.

“I know it sounds racist to call people ‘cina’, sorry! I have previous old experience with a Chinese lied to me for my money,” the woman posted on Facebook.

The video had garnered 68,558 views up to this afternoon.

However, Star Online reported at 8.23pm that the woman had claimed the apology was posted after it was hacked.

“I deactivated my Facebook account yesterday and haven’t been posting anything on my company page since yesterday as well. Somebody hacked into my account,” she told the news website.

However, she told the newspaper that she had apologised many times to the “uncle” for her actions at the police station and even hugged his wife.

Harian Metro reported that the man, Sim Siak Hong, 68, had already forgiven the woman.

Prior to the “apology”, however, the woman had allegedly set up another Facebook account to “channel” the hate she was receiving from netizens after deactivating her original account.

Creative netizens were also quick to pounce on the woman’s rage by coming up with creative memes as well as in-depth information regarding the latter.

In less than 24 hours, Net users were able to piece together information and reveal the identity of the lady.

Details, such as her name, address, phone number and car registration details, Facebook and Instagram account details were also published online.

The #CDM25 hashtag (her car registration number) also trended on Twitter yesterday and is still recording high activity.

The Facebook account belonging to the woman was hacked today by a group of hackers who called themselves RileksCrew.

They confirmed that they had hacked into her profile by posting a status admitting the act.

It was the same group that had hacked into the Facebook account belonging to Imashima Lola, the mother of the teenager stricken with cerebral palsy, Muhd Firdaus Dullah, who was found in a neglected condition at a low-cost flat in Nilai last month.

The majority of the woman’s friends on the social media website supported the group’s decision to hack her account.

The incident led mobile communication service provider DiGi offering to pay for the damage incurred by the “uncle” and the woman, in a bid to spread goodwill.

Astro Awani reported that Sim had only lodged a police report over the accident and did not lodge a report over the woman’s action that sparked a public outcry.

He also was reported to have no intention of taking any legal action against the woman.

“I believe she was angry at what I had done. Although I was traumatised by the incident, I promised her that I won’t be lodging a police report and have also forgiven her,” he was quoted as saying.

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  • July 17, 2014 at 1:37 pm

    Hell bent temper helps no one. Should rely back on religion and upbringing


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