Kuala Lumpur – More troops will be deployed to eastern Sabah to tackle the problem of terrorists from Philippines.

Urban Well-Being, Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Rahman Dahlan said the Cabinet had discussed the security problem in east Sabah and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak would be making an announcement soon on the steps to be taken to tackle the problem.

“We will be deploying extra troops to east Sabah. We are not talking about few hundreds. But it’s a huge number.”

Rahman said the area where these terrorists or kidnappers come from in the Philippines was lawless and the Filipino government had no control over it.

He said it was a place where everybody looked out for themselves and these were the kind of people the security forces had face on a daily basis.

On a separate matter, Rahman said the government would take its time on deciding on the implementation of hudud.

Commenting on the Merdeka Centre survey on hudud which concluded that Malaysia was not ready for  implementation of Islamic law, he said there was no rush to make a decision.

He said there was still plenty of time for the government to decide on the issue, adding that decisions could not be made based on a single survey because it might not be conclusive.

He said there was a cabinet committee studying the matter and it would come out with its recommendations.