Former Jemaah Islamiyah Bomb Maker Returns To Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur – Former Jemaah Islamiyah bomb expert Taufik Abdul Halim has been put under close police surveillance following his return to Malaysia last week, The Star reported.

Taufik was released from an Indonesian prison last week and arrived on Wednesday at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Upon his arrival, he was met by Bukit Aman personnel before being taken for interrogation by the Special Branch counter-terrorism division.

The Star quoted a source as saying the 39-year-old Taufik appeared to be grateful to Indonesian authorities for allowing him to return to Malaysia.

“Taufik was asked if he had repented for his previous acts,” a source told The Star, revealing that the former bomb expert’s return had been due to a special arrangement with Indonesia.

After being questioned, Taufik was taken to his hometown in Johor where he was reunited with his family.

“He will continue to be monitored closely. Police have special interest in Taufik as he is the brother-in-law of Zulkifli Abdul Khir @ Marwan.”

Zulkifli tops the FBI’s most wanted list for his involvement in terrorism activities, and the FBI has offered a US$5 million (RM16.73 million) reward for his capture.

Taufik is among 350 former JI members who were recently released from Indonesian prisons after being granted a pardon by President Joko Widodo.

On Thursday, Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Ha­­midi said action would be taken against Taufik if he had committed crimes in Malaysia.

Zahid has repeatedly said that Malaysia will not be used as a base or transit point for terrorists.

Taufik was arrested and convicted on terrorist charges in 2001 for involvement in the Atrium Mall bombing located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Taufik, a former Internal Security Act detainee, was sentenced to 12 years’ jail.


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