Subway Eat Flesh! Dead Rodent Found In Subway Sandwich In Oregon

LINCOLN CITY, OREGON — A man found a dead rodent in his Subway sandwich in Lincoln City, Oregon on the afternoon of October 6.



KGW reports that Jay Armstead and Matt Jones were on their lunch break and stopped to get sandwiches from a Subway restaurant chain. They both got spinach added to their sandwiches, and when Armstead looked at the server making his lunch, he noticed a dead rodent in the middle of his sub. Jones managed to take a picture of the disgusting find, which he posted to Facebook with the caption: “Look at this beast of a mouse in the spinach at Subway today! Good thing we didn’t bite into it! AMAZING! WTF!! The manager was in shock!” The rodent is believed to have made it into the store inside of a bag of spinach.



Both men were given full refunds and declined the offer of a new sandwich. According to a statement from Subway to KGW: “To be cautious, all of the products in the sandwich unit were disposed of and a thorough cleaning took place, in which the Health Department gave the restaurant a clean bill of health. There were no other complaints made.”



Jones told KGW that he called Subway headquarters to file a complaint and asked: “How many sandwiches prior to that were served and eaten from that same tub of spinach? I told them they should notify anyone who purchased a sandwich with spinach in it that day and they laughed at me, said it would be impossible for them to track everyone down.”-TN

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