Wood Chipper Tears Off Man’s Arm In Horrifying Gardening Accident

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA — A tree trimmer whose arm was torn off in an accident with a wood chipper received treatment just minutes after the mishap, thanks to quick assistance from a nearby ambulance and police officer.



The Gladesville Sun reports Robert Serrano, 60, was at work just before 10 a.m. on Monday. While feeding cuttings into the chipper, one of his arms became caught in a branch, and he was pulled into the machine. Serrano managed to free himself, but not before the chipper’s teeth had shredded his arm up to the elbow.



An ambulance crew that happened to be in the area got word of the 10.29 a.m. 911 call and headed to the location of the accident. An Alachua County sheriff’s deputy was also on the scene within five minutes and applied a tourniquet to stem the blood loss, Sheriff’s Office spokesman Art Forgey told the newspaper.



Alachua County Fire Rescue also came to the scene of the accident and transported Serrano to a hospital.-TN

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