Dad Whose Face Was Melted By Acid Attack Watches Attacker Get Life Sentence

CORNWALL, UK — In a case of mistaken identity, a man in Cornwall, England, fell victim to an acid attack that left him badly disfigured.



One night last December, Andreas Christopheros thought a delivery man had brought a Christmas parcel to his home, but when he opened the door he heard, “This is for you, mate!”



The attacker, David Phillips, splashed the beaker of battery acid all over Andreas’ face and hands. Andreas described the horror of feeling his face melting. He yelled for his wife Pia to call emergency services, but as she ran to his aid, she also stepped in the acid.



Andreas was flown to a specialist hospital in Swansea, which has a major burn unit. Once there, he was put into an induced coma and placed on death watch, as doctors feared he could die of infection that very night. Andreas eventually recovered, but it’s been difficult. He has required multiple skin grafts and surgery to save partial vision in one eye.



Worst of all, when his 2-year-old son saw him, the baby boy ran to his mother in fear. Now, 10 months later, his attacker David Phillips has been sentenced to life behind bars.



Follow this link to support the Katie Piper Foundation, which helped Andreas through his bur- TN

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