Taliban Suicide Bomber Attacks NATO Convoy, One Killed

Kabul – Taking advantage of a dwindling foreign presence as international troops continue to pull back, the Taliban has begun to ramp up their attacks in Afghanistan.

A NATO convoy was travelling along Jalalabad Road, a main road in the Afghan capital of Kabul, at dawn yesterday.

A Taliban suicide bomber drove an explosive-laden Toyota Corolla into the NATO motorcade, killing an Afghan civilian and injuring three foreigners.

NATO’s International Security Assistance Force said it did not suffer any casualties in the attack.

Hours later, a clinic in Nangarhar province was struck by another suicide attack, which led to one death and seven other injuries.

An IED hidden in a busy market in Qarabagh district of Kabul detonated at around 9:30am. The explosion left at least 22 injured.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the NATO convoy attack and said several foreign troops had been killed in the attack. The militant group has a history of exaggerating casualty claims.

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