Sex Blogger Alvin Strikes Again, Calls IGP ‘Stupid’

Kuala Lumpur – Controversial sex blogger Alvin Tan lashed out at authority once again, this time making the Inspector General of Police his lone target.

In his latest Facebook posting, Tan used the disrespectful term “bodoh” to address IGP Khalid Abu Bakar.

Writing, “Oi IGP bodoh,” Tan also threw a challenge to Khalid, taunting the IGP to come arrest him in Los Angeles.

Tan wrote, “Still waiting for the IGP to come and arrest me here in Hollywood, Los Angeles… Zzzzzzz.”

In typical arrogant Tan fashion, the sex blogger also accused the IGP of bragging that he would leave no stone unturned in tracking Tan down although in Tan’s opinion, no progress had been made.

Tan wrote, “Dah tua berjanggut putih saya tunggu…” meaning “I will end up waiting till I’m old and gray (before I get arrested).”

The IGP has been incensed with Tan’s antics so far, telling an Umno newspaper in September that the sex blogger’s constant taunts and slanderous remarks on Facebook were unforgivable.

Umno Cheras Division Chief Syed Ali Alhabshee issued a stern warning to Tan to “stop being arrogant and show some respect” while MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong said Tan’s outbursts were tarnishing the country’s image.

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