Burglars Caught In Burning House

Bukit Mertajam – Firemen rushing to cries for help from a burning house were surprised when they found out the pleas for help were not from the property owner, but from two suspected burglars.

Upon knocking down the door of the double-storey house in Jalan Sri Bukit, here, they found two men in their 30s groaning in pain and struggling to escape the blaze in the 1pm incident yesterday.

While firemen helped pull out one of the suspects from the house, the other suspect made a dash through the front door.

Investigations later revealed that the two men were not the owners or occupants of the house, but that they had broken into the building moments before the fire, which is believed to have been caused by a short circuit, broke out.

Checks on the other man, 34, showed he suffered a broken right leg, and first degree burns on the body while trying to escape with some electrical appliances that he and his accomplice had intended to cart away before they got trapped in the burning house.

The injured suspect was later handed over the police.

The owner of the house, who later returned after being informed of the blaze, was shocked to find firemen pulling out an injured man from her property.

She later confirmed with police that she did not know the suspect or his accomplice.

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