Boat Carrying Indonesian Illegal Immigrants Capsized

Kota tinggi – Rescuers are scouring waters of Sungai Tengah in Bandar Penawar for survivors after a boat carrying Indonesian illegal immigrants capsized early this morning.

So far, they have retrieved three bodies and rescued 10. With conflicting numbers of passengers, search and rescue team continued to patrol the area for possible survivors.

Earlier, a patrol boat was alerted by screams and cries of victims in the dark. According to survivors, there were between 29 and 45 passengers, who were in a triple boat engine heading towards Batam Island.

A search and rescue team comprising officers from police, marine police, Civil Defence Department, Fire and Rescue Department, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency and Malaysian Armed Forces were involved in the operation, hampered by the surrounding dense jungle.

Kota Tinggi deputy police chief Deputy Superintendent Low Hang Seng, when contacted, confirmed the incident but were strying trying to determine the number of people on the boat.  –  NST

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