Sarawak To Continue Pressing For 20% Oil Royalties

Bau – Sarawak will continue to press for 20% oil royalty payments from the federal government, chief Minister Adenan Satem said.


“We want 20 per cent and not five percent (as it is now). We have not yet succeeded in getting the 20 per cent but we will get it,” he added in a Gawai Carnival speech on Saturday night.


He said so far, the state government had succeeded in convincing Petronas to give RM2.1 billion worth of contracts to Sarawak companies.


Adenan said efforts would also be made to develop Sarawak so that it would be on par with other states in the peninsula.


“We (Sarawak) are still far behind as compared to states in West Malaysia. Those of you who have been to Kuala Lumpur and other states in West Malaysia, you could see how advance they are compared to us,” he said


Touching on freedom of worship, Adenan said Christians in the state could use the word Allah in their prayers. “You can use the word Allah anytime because it has always been the practice in Sarawak,” he added.


Adenan also urged the people to give him another term (five years) to lead the state administration.


“We all know what I have done in one year, but one year is not enough for me to do more for Sarawak. So I need five more years and you can just imagine what I can do,” he added.


At the function Adenan announced an allocation of RM2mil from the state government for the construction of Redeem’s Centre. Redeems had obtained RM4mil from the federal government for the project.


Redeems president Peter Nansian Ngusie said the people of Sarawak were happy with Adenan’s leadership because of his success in resolving several issues affecting the state. They included cracking illegal logging, abolishing toll, demand for 20 per cent petroleum royalty and his rural development policy, which has helped lighten the people’s burden, he added. – Bernama

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