‘Perv magnet’: Hot Violinist Hits Back At Weirdos, Publishes Online Messages

LOS ANGELES — American violinist Mia Matsumiya is talented, attractive, petite, and Asian, a combination that obviously grabs the attention of many a red-blooded male.



Unfortunately for Mia, having a public profile means her pictures and posts are also available for everyone to view and comment upon.



So predictably, the online messages she has received over the years range from the bizarre, to the perverted, to the downright disturbing.



Speaking about the messages to the Huffington Post recently, Mia said that she received so many sick and disturbing messages over the years that she had become almost desensitized to them.



But she recently decided enough was enough. So, to shed some light on the abuse and harassment she has been silently suffering all these years, she published a selection of the messages on an Instagram page called ‘Perv Magnet.’



The page is full of invitations, some seemingly innocent, some almost poetic, and others sexually graphic, plus a range of abusive and sometimes scary threats.



Mia says the response to her Instagram page has been overwhelmingly positive, although some have accused her of using it to brag about how many ‘compliments’ she gets.



But what do you think, a valiant crusader against the objectification of women, or shameless attention seeker?-TN

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