Father Saves Daughter From Oncoming Train, Tragically Loses His Own Life

EAST RIDGE, TENNESSEE — A Tennessee father is being hailed a hero for pushing his daughter out of the way of an oncoming train. He saved her life, but lost his own.



Justin McCray, 31, was looking for rocks with his two daughters along the tracks on a bridge in East Ridge, Tennessee.



They heard the train coming around 2 p.m.



The oldest daughter was able to get out of the way, but 10-year-old Haley was unable to because her foot became stuck in one of the tracks.



McCray was able to get her free, but he only had enough time to push his daughter out of the way before he was fatally hit by the train.



Members of the family say 10-year-old Haley McCary broke her pelvis and suffered internal bleeding after the 15-foot fall from the bridge down to the water below. She is currently recovering after having surgery and is expected to be okay.-TN

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