Pakatan’s Future Lies In PAS’ Hands

Petaling Jaya – There is a high probability that Pakatan Rakyat will break up after PAS’ central leadership meeting this Sunday, according to sources in the opposition coalition.

They told FMT that opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, in his meeting with Abdul Hadi Awang on Monday, had failed to persuade the PAS President to withdraw his support for Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

That means Anwar has no choice but to wait for the outcome of this Sunday’s meeting. According to the sources, Hadi is not likely to change his mind by then and the other leaders attending the meeting will most probably back him.

That is what Pakatan supporters fear. If PAS does decide to continue backing Khalid, then the end of the three-party coalition is almost certain.

One source said it is unlikely that PAS will withdraw from Pakatan, it will instead wait to get booted out by PKR and DAP.

“If PAS were to pull out, it will be seen as a traitor by Pakatan supporters and even by PAS grassroot members,” he said.

“However, if PKR and DAP decide to kick out PAS from Pakatan, the party will be seen as a victim in its fight for justice while PKR and DAP will be labelled as dictators.

“The responsibility of making sure PAS remains in Pakatan is now in the hands of the progressive and activist leaders who sit in the central committee.

“These are the leaders who think the only way to change the government is to stay united under Pakatan.” – FMT

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